FuelFit wishes all mothers “Happy Mother’s Day!” We want to take this opportunity to celebrate and honour all mothers, as well as feature some of our very own awesome Mums!

This year, we decided that we will do a special series, featuring 3 of our members who train with us at different locations and have children of different ages.

So, let’s get the ball rolling with…

Awesome Mum #1

Introducing Stephanie from Punggol Riviera!

FuelFit Bootcamp Mothers Stephanie
Stephanie, with her son, Kyler.

1. Please introduce and tell us more about yourself.

Hi, I am Stephanie, and I am 39 this year.  I have been in HR profession for the past 10 years, specializing in recruitment.

2. Tell us more about your child/children

I have only 1 kid, Kyler who is 4 years old this year.  He is currently attending church kindergarten,which is a half-day school program. Basically, he is crazy about cars, lego and has a strong love for puzzles too.

3. Tell us why your child/children are awesome by completing the sentence.

Kyler is awesome because… he is mature at his young age, thoughtful and is always sensitive to our needs.

4. What is the best thing about being a Mum?

The best thing about being a Mum is… when your child showers his love on you or tells you that impromptu, “Mummy, I love you”.

5. What is your greatest non-fitness achievement?

Well, my greatest non-fitness achievement is to have a great child like Kyler. Despite being a full-time working mummy, I also spent lots of time nurturing him after work, doing home practice, flashcards,  and playing games with him. As a result of all these efforts put in, I must say it’s definitely worth it.

6. What is your greatest fitness achievement?

To sign up for bootcamp when many of my friends think I’m crazy to do so because bootcamp training is so tough. In a few month’s time, I would be reaching my 1 year anniversary with FuelFit. I am glad to regain my stamina, and I no longer feeling restless easily since I started off with this program.

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7. How has fitness impacted you personally? How has it impacted your family as a mother?

Fitness has become part of my life now and I will make a conscious effort to do it diligently. Of course, it requires strong determination to begin with before success came to me. However, family support is very important too. I am glad that my hubby is supportive of me in this program so that at times when I’m engaged with fitness at home, he can understand and take over the role of taking care or entertaining my boy.

8. Finally, what thoughts, feelings and advice would you like to share with other mothers?

Start early if you can. Do not procrastinate. As a mother, we always have endless things to do or waiting for us to complete but try to make time for yourself too.  Things can wait but your health is more important too.  I have a regret which is not joining FuelFit much earlier but well late is still better than never.

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As with most other special days, Mother’s Day happens only once a year, but the love of our mothers and the sacrifices that they make, touches and impacts us every single day! So once again, if you are a mother, “Thank you, and Happy Mother’s Day!”

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