As a woman, you probably find it harder to lose or maintain your weight, build your fitness level and strength as you grow out of your teenage years. This is especially true for mothers after pregnancy. At FuelFit, we have ACSM* certified professional coaches who have trained thousands of women of all backgrounds — from homemakers, working mothers, busy professionals and sports women in bootcamps and personal training,

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Fit Women

(For all women of any fitness background and from all walks of life)

Aspiration : 

To achieve personal fitness goals, from weight loss to gaining more strength and be fit ready!

Summary :

This program suitable for women of all backgrounds (our current female members range from 19 – 60 years old!). All members work out in small dedicated groups and form support for each other. Your workout program or includes:

  • Initial Movement Assessment
  • Body Composition Tracking and end of term analysis report (at request)
  • Basic Monthly Diet reviews
  • Modifications to suit your current physical fitness level or injuries
  • MyoFascial Coaching
  • Feel free to consult your ACSM* certified Coaches on any issues regarding dietary health, physical and mental fitness.
  • FuelFit Family and Community events and games.
  • FuelFit privilege discounts to Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) training and workshops, conducted by Spartan Training Specialists.

*ACSM : American College of Sports Medicine

Our face-to-face group training programs starts from $189/month. Have a chat with us so that we can offer you the best program for your needs.

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Post Natal 3-Month Program

(new intake coming soon)
(Participating babies are between 4 / 6 months to 12 months old)

Aspiration :

To shape up after giving birth, progressively build up fitness, meet other moms and bond with your baby, while having fun!

Summary :

This program is suitable for Mommies who have given birth for 4/6 months to 12 months. Their babies will participate in Mommy’s workout and provide natural resistance to help Mommies progressively pick up strength and cardiovascular fitness again.

Interested? Have a chat with us so that we can offer you the best program for your needs.

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Fit Life Revolution Online Group Coaching

(For all the ladies who would like to embark on a journey to take care of themselves but would like time flexibility)

Aspiration : 

To achieve personal wellness, weight loss and health goals through professional certified nutritional and lifestyle coaching on the go!

Summary :

This program is suitable for the super mums, professional women or any woman who have never had time to look into their fitness and nutritional needs. Every individual will have their personalized private account. Your Fit Life Revolution Journey includes:

  • Initial Dietary & Lifestyle Assessment with Coach Saudi
  • Follow along workouts that will only take 30 minutes a day
  • Build your personalized habit-based eating style
  • Go through bite-sized reviews and assignments on your mobile, anywhere
  • Having a virtual supportive community going through the same change, while maintaining your own privacy
  • Daily accountability check-ins and gain inner motivation to persist on
  • Specialised nutrition coaching for Asians in the Asian dietary context, culture & available food types

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