Success Hero : Shilpa Salian [ 30+, Mother & Banker ]


Fuelfit Punggol Workout Exercise Singapore Shilpa 01

My health and fitness is extremely important to me. FuelFit is like a family to me now. I have never missed a workout for the past year since starting out in January 2015. Working out with my fellow FuelFitters makes me feel so happy and stress free.

My initial goal was to get back my fitness level and shed the post-pregnancy weight. I was determined to persevere through the tough times of weight loss with great coaching from Saudi. I have now lost all my post-pregnancy weight, gained new energy and up my fitness level! As I got fitter month by month, my current goal now is to decrease my body fat percentage and increase the amount of muscle mass.

Before joining FuelFit, I went jogging alone but sometime, I started to lose interest in exercising. After joining FuelFit, I came to realize that working out in a group actually make me feel more motivated and I am more determined to persevere through the tough time! Thank you, FuelFit!


Success Hero : Liang Yan Jie [ 30, Father & Product Designer ]

Fuelfit Punggol Workout Exercise SIngapore Yanjie 01

My health was never the best when I was younger because I have a blood disorder. I’ve never passed NAPFA tests after primary school but I’m still not sure if that’s due to the blood condition that I have or just being plain unfit. When I started working, I felt that I never had time to exercise regularly.

I was at my heaviest before I joined FuelFit in May 2012. I achieved an initial weight loss of 10kg. Fitness wise, I have definitely improved! I believe there are still much room for improvement and I constantly work hard during my workouts on getting my form right. I am now more confident in being able to run after buses when the need arises. With FuelFit, I’m feeling healthier and fitter than before and at the same time, Saudi is always at hand to give advice on food to go in tandem with the workout sessions.

You can say that the regularity of the sessions provide me with the motivation that I need. That it’s a great way to improve on one’s health and fitness and having like-minded people who are working out with you. Ultimately, having both FuelFit and myself committed to becoming healthier and fitter, I was able to see results. Losing weight is not only for women. FuelFit made it possible for men to get healthier when our busy lives get in the way!