FuelFit wishes all mothers “Happy Mother’s Day!” We want to take this opportunity to celebrate and honour all mothers, as well as feature some of our very own awesome Mums!

This year, we decided that we will do a special series, featuring 3 of our members who train with us at different locations and have children of different ages.

So, here’s the final feature of this special series!

Awesome Mum #3

Introducing Michelle from FuelFit Bedok!

FuelFit Bootcamp Mothers Michelle

Family picture taken in Hong Kong
– From left: Aaron (Michelle’s hubby & soulmate), Joel (Michelle’s son who is a doctor), Jolene (Michelle’s daughter a.k.a Michelle’s “ever-happy girl”) and Michelle!

1. Please introduce and tell us more about yourself.

Yo! I’m Michelle Yee and I’m moving up to Level 53 (turning 53 years-old) pretty soon!
I taught at the MOE schools for past 26 years. In Oct 2015, I decided to have more control over my work-life including much fun and adventure, so left the school system and started out being an academic coach on my own. I work from home, teaching mainly English Language to students ranging from Primary to Secondary and JC levels.
In November 2014, I picked up a new hobby, cycling. Cycling changed my lifestyle and perspectives as I met many new friends from different walks of life and gained new experiences.

2. Tell us more about your child/children

I have two wonderful children, Joel and Jolene.

Joel is 26, works as a doctor (MO at SGH) and he plays both the violin and piano well. He has always wanted to pursue his dream to be a doctor to heal the sick, after his close shave with lymphoma at 13 which left a deep impact in him on how fragile life can be. It gave him strength to persevere through the long hours of studies and realised his dream. He also finds time to perform for the patients at the hospital, together with a group of like-minded doctors, to bring good cheer to them.

Jolene, 21, is a third year student in Psychology at SMU. Like her brother, she plays the piano, bass guitar and double bass. She’s a talented dancer too.

Both of them are active members in the church worship team and performs very often.

3. Tell us why your child/children are awesome by completing the sentence.

Joel is awesome because… he always makes time for people around him and brings lots of laughter, good food, love and warmth to the people who passes his way.

Jolene is awesome because… she cares deeply for people and in her quiet ways, always goes the extra mile for anyone, just so to make their day shine brighter and put on a big smile on their face.

4. What is the best thing about being a Mum?

The best thing about being a Mum is…  I am and I get to be their greatest and craziest cheerleader for life. I get to love them unconditionally and always be a part of their life journey.

5. What is your greatest non-fitness achievement?

My greatest non-fitness achievement is to complete my Masters in Education (English Language) in 2013 while I was still teaching at school, and also managing the home as well, without ever having a helper.

6. What is your greatest fitness achievement?

My greatest fitness achievement is to complete the Taiwan Round Island cycling event in January 2016 (26/12/2015 to 3/01/2016), completing 925km around the whole perimeter of Taiwan in 9 days as a one-year-old cyclist.

7. How has fitness impacted you personally? How has it impacted your family as a mother?

Joining Bootcamp twice a week and cycling three times a week, have made a difference to my fitness and health. I am certainly fitter, stronger and healthier. Much happier and more focused than before, I am able to empathise with others and able to support them. Both my hubby Aaron and I are avid endurance cyclists and we are good inspirational role models to many around us.

As a mother, I take more time and care in the daily meals and nutrition for the family. As a family, we are very closely bonded and spend much quality time doing crazy stuff together.

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8. Finally, what thoughts, feelings and advice would you like to share with other mothers?

Be a good role model, walk the talk and keep yourself in good health and mind. When you are strong, then only can you empower and lift others. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Great Mummies!! Cheers!

As with most other special days, Mother’s Day happens only once a year, but the love of our mothers and the sacrifices that they make, touches and impacts us every single day! So once again, if you are a mother, “Thank you, and Happy Mother’s Day!”

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