For many school children out there, these few weeks are filled with the mid-year exams. As parents, you want know how you can provide the best support for your children during this stressful period. Have you considered that apart from helping them with their revision, engaging tutors, ensuring they take breaks and have sufficient sleep, your children’s nutrition can also play a part in preparing for the exams?

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Here are 5 nutrition tips that may give your child that extra edge:

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1. Eat something! Our brains need fuel to work well. Does your child tend to lose their appetite when they are nervous? Encourage your child to have some food or a smoothie before going into the exam hall so that he/she can concentrate on the questions rather than a growling tummy.

2. But…keep it light. If you are preparing food for your child, make sure you are not giving him/her too much. But how much is too much? You child should feel satisfied but not full. Consuming too much food before sitting for the paper may cause your child to feel bloated and lethargic.

3. Stick to what is familiar. Exam day is definitely not the time to experiment with that highly recommended “super” food, drink or supplement that you saw on the TV ad or something that your friends have been raving about. Pick food and drinks that your child’s body is used to. The last thing you want is a phonecall from the teacher telling you that your child feels unwell and just threw up his/her breakfast.

4. Drink up! It is important that your child consumes enough water before and during his/her exam. Dehydration may cause him/her to feel drained, dizzy and lose focus. So make sure that water bottle is filled up!

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5. Avoid “brain fog”. On exam day, make sure your child stays clear of food and drinks that have high sugar content such as muffins, chocolate, candy and sweetened drinks as they may result in spikes and crashes in sugar levels. Avoid starchy carbs such as rice, buns and noodles as they may also cause sluggishness.

Did you find the tips handy? Do you have any other exam nutrition tips and advice? Share them with us in the comments below!