For another FuelFitter, Tuesday night sessions at Punggol will never be the same for her again. Before August this year, Selvi preferred to exercise alone at home, following various workout videos found on YouTube. It has never crossed her mind to join group workouts or any fitness programme to improve her fitness status then. However, when Selvi encountered medical issues and got engulfed in negativity, she decided to try out FuelFit as she has seen the lively Punggol group working out weekly. Walking out of her confined space of problems for the first time, was daunting. Wanting to make a change in her fitness and improve from her medical condition, Selvi worked hard in FuelFit’s training sessions and stayed committed to improve and become better, everyday.

Selvi told me this — being with FuelFit has given her a positive mind set of who she is and given her a positive perspective of life. With FuelFit, not only did Selvi gain physical strength and confidence, she became more aware of her abilities, made friends and always had the pillar of support she needed when she did not feel her best – the FuelFit community.


With loads of courage, Selvi signed up for the 17th October Puma Night Run, the first 10km race she has ever done.  She knew she had to step out of her medical conditions and do something positive to make a change in her own life. With the encouragement from her husband, and the frequent motivational coaching from Saudi, together with the rest of the Punggol FuelFitters, she knew she was ready to take this race on.

Please join me in congratulating this brave lady, who not only completed her first race, but also secured a good finishing time. I just want to tell Selvi : “The inspiration you have given many ladies out there, going through similar emotional situations, will definitely leave a good impact on them. I will not remember that you had a near miss of the Top 10 positioning. Instead I will always remember you as a strong lady, who courageously took the first step to make a positive change in your life. And that, is priceless.”