For many of us, we probably took a hiatus from working out or having any form of exercise way before 2015’s Christmas came! It’s something about the “Oh I seldom get long weekends. Just let me sleep in” or the “We are on a holiday and looking after the kids is already a big workout”.

Whatever our reason is, warming up our body engine to achieve our peak fitness level in 2015 (or dating even later back) again is often much harder than having to start from a couch potato because you actually have a benchmark of how fit you have been before! (Right? Right? Am I hitting some similar buttons here!)

Here are 5 ways you can start with before you hit off your new FuelFit year with us next week:

  1. Improve your flexibility

Flexibility is one of the biggest aspect of our physical health which affects our daily movement but is also often the most overlooked portion of our own fitness routines. Our range of motion and joint mobility are all tied down to how flexible we are! Establishing a more flexible you will allow you to adapt into the demands of any new workout routine and prevent injuries! It is the reality that many sportsmen are more prone to injury because they often disregard incorporating flexibility workouts into their weekly workout plan.

To find out more about what you can do to prevent injuries, do visit our holistic physical therapy partner : East Coast Practitioners to find out more on how they can support your active lifestyle!

To being, let’s start off with some dynamic stretches as shown below.

[Credits : by PreHab Exercises]


  1. Targeted SIMPLE cardio endurance workouts

Although wearing pacers to calculate number of steps taken every day contributes to our general activity level, but to assimilate into any structured or more serious training routine, it is still important to have a few focused cardio-respiratory sessions to get our cardio levels back to a comfortable level.

Taking targeted 20 minute brisk walks (if you are a newbie to fitness training) or light jogs (if you have once established a certain level of exercise training experience) twice a week will definitely be a great help before you work on a more serious and demanding routine. Go outdoors in good weather or use the elliptical and stationary bike if the weather is unbearable.

  1. Simple weight exercises at the comfort of your own home with zero equipment.

Simple squats and lunges should be sufficient to get your t00shies talking! Just by alternating 3 simple sets of Sumo squats and 3 basic sets of left leg – right leg lunges every alternate day, you should be waking up your legs and glutes!

  1. Start a simple beginner interval training on your own!

Think interval training is for the pro or very fit? Absolutely not! Anyone can start interval training on their own to build up their fitness progressively from a Newbie to a Fitbie!

If a Pro’s interval training is jogging for 2 minute and sprinting for 1 minute, then it could translate into walking for 2 minutes and jogging for 1 minute for a Newbie! It’s as easy as that! We will go more in depth with “A beginner’s guide to a mini interval training” in next week’s addition of #WorkoutWednesdays here.

  1. Get motivated OR motivate someone close to you!

Get your buddy, your partner, your family members to do all the above with you! There is definitely much more fun, more value, more joy and laughter when you share your new fitness goal!