October Featured FuelFitter: Bishan Camp’s Tan Peng Eng

Our 2015 Q3 intern, Samuel, had the opportunity to catch this busy Mom to find out more about how she is able to stay motivated in keeping fit while taking care of her family and going about her daily busy routine!

Q: How important is Fitness to you and Why?
Fitness is extremely important for me because I feel out of sorts if I missed a workout on any day from FuelFit. I will usually go for a run to make up for the session I missed.

Q: That is a very good habit!  What was your initial fitness goal before you started with FuelFit?
As I am turning 50 soon, I am starting to worry about my health. I want to build up my bone density and muscular strength as this will help to ease the process of my body ageing.

Q: That is a great inertia for you to start getting fit! How about your current fitness goal?
My current fitness goal is to complete my second 10km race.

Q: It is always good to have a goal to keep you motivated! How has your lifestyle benefited from FuelFit programme?
In the past I used to have experience pain in my knees. After joining FuelFit’s programme, the muscle supporting my knee is getting stronger and it has helped to decrease the amount of pain I experience now.

Q: With your busy lifestyle, do you still plan to stay with FuelFit even after achieving your goals?
Yes, of course! Working out with my friends here is much more fun as compared to working out alone in the commercial gym.  I feel more motivated and I receive great emotional support from my friends and my trainer – Berni whenever the going gets tough.

Q: That is great! We are glad to hear to that. Do you have any feedback or suggestions for Fuelfit to improve on?
Currently no.  I love the way FuelFit is now!


Bishan Boot Camp runs every Monday & Wednesday : 8.45 am – 9.45am