FuelFit wishes all fathers “Happy Father’s Day!” We want to take this opportunity to celebrate and honour all fathers, as well as feature one of our very own awesome Dads!

Introducing Aprajit from FuelFit Changi Business Park!

FuelFit Fathers Day_AprajitSharmaFamily

Aprajit and his family at a recent Port Dickson trip.

1) Please introduce yourself and tell us more about you

My name is Aprajit Sharma.  In India every name has some meaning. in my case, Aprajit means ‘The Undefeated’.

After joining FuelFit, I realised age is just a number so won’t answer this one :-).

I completed my Masters in Computer Science from the university of Illinois-Urbana Champagne and after that has been working in the technology area.

I work for CitiBank in the ‘Trade and Treasury’ department and is responsible for running the Payments and Receivables technology division.

2) Tell us more about your children

I have a 12 year old lovely daughter- Anika and a 10 year old caring son- Anshum (normally daughters are more caring than sons but in my case it’s the opposite).

My daughter loves Rubik’s cube and has a huge collection including the most complicated cubes. She is into reading and is always glued to her Kindle.

My son is into cricket and plays for his school. He is an encyclopedia of cricket statistics and sometimes does not stop talking.

3) What was it like when you first found out that you were going to be a Dad?

Excited and nervous at the same time. I know it sounds cliche but I am being completely honest.

4) What is one characteristic that your child possesses that you are proud of or feel that you can learn from?

My daughter Anika is very independent and is creative in whatever she does.

My son is very caring and has a very sharp memory.

5) What is the best thing about being a Dad?

The best thing about being a Dad is… that at least somebody listens to you in the house. I am sure that’s not going to last for long :-).

6) Share with us your greatest non-fitness achievement?

Moving to Singapore from the USA and forming a technology team from scratch and in parallel adjusting to a new country with my family.

7) Share with us your greatest fitness achievement?

Signing up for a half marathon and completing it.

8) How has fitness impacted you personally? How has it impacted your family as a father?

I feel good about myself. I try not to my miss my FuelFit sessions as I consider that as my weekly medication.

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9) What thoughts, feelings and advice would you like to share with other fathers?

Try to spend as much time with your kids outdoors. Never pass your stress/anxiety to your children in any way or form.

Fathers are usually thought of as the head of the household and provider for the family, but we often forget to express our love and gratitude to these amazing men and unsung heroes. So if you are a Dad, from us to you, “Thank you and we love you! Happy Father’s Day!”