In FuelFit, we adopt what we call the R.E.A.L Method, where together, we will achieve the RESULTS you want by EMPOWERING you to take ACTION and adopt a new LIFESTYLE.


Whether it is to lose weight or to get stronger and fitter, we are with you every step of the way to get the RESULTS you want.

Track your body composition via our monthly measurements.

Witness yourself raise through the ranks during the quarterly FFRank assessment as your fitness level improves.

Set Personal Bests as you work through our carefully designed strength training program.


Using our handy FuelFit mobile app, you can:

  • track your body composition via monthly measurements.
  • track your nutrition
  • track your strength gain progress
  • do the WOW (Workout of the Week) as supplement to your current program

With all the coaching and tools we equip you, you can be EMPOWERED to take charge of your own journey


We advocate “It’s never too busy to be fit”. And that’s why we bring fitness to you, whether it’s through our outdoor group training at your doorstep, or through our online/hybrid coaching that you can access anytime and anywhere. We remove as many obstacles as possible so that you can take ACTION, regardless.


When a member leaves us and goes on to maintain or go beyond what he/she has achieved with us, we have truly done our job. FuelFit Graduates are people who embrace an active LIFESTYLE and continue to make smart health and fitness choices for not just themselves but also for their families.

Let us show you what the R.E.A.L Method can do for you. Contact us here now!