We are the first fitness bootcamp in Singapore to introduce a fitness ranking system akin to many martial arts ranking system. FFrank™ is a comprehensive standardized ranking system used to gauge your individual fitness levels and keep track of your strength progression.

 In order for you to progress from one rank to the next, you must participate in a series of tests using specific exercises to determine strength within the respective muscle groups of the exercises. You will also be required to complete the conditioning component in order to advance to the next level.

FFrank™ allows the coaches to scale the workout sessions according to your fitness level and also serves as a great motivator for you! FFrank™ sessions are held every 3 months.

Different Fitness bands attain from FFRank

You earn different FFRank bands as you Progress!


Body Composition Tracking

We will also take measurements for all campers at the first session of each camp so that we can track your progress. These measurements include weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass and much more! Remember, it is not just about losing weight!