Mental clutter is clutter in your patterns of thinking, reacting to yourself and others in everyday circumstances.  Again, our minds are so hardworking most of the time, constantly reminding us every item in the clutter, which makes it especially menacing.

Woman is stressed and depressed.

Mental clutter can be self-defeating ways of thinking about yourself, ingrained patterns of behavior with certain people, habitual ways of reacting to various circumstances or just a general attitude to life that blindly runs on auto-pilot.

The trouble with living blindly is that you DON’T really live:  you can’t see options or alternatives.  With no creativity, you stagnate and your positive energy gets sapped away slowly.

So how do you clear out clutter that you can’t see?  Whether it is the physical clutter in your wardrobe or the mental clutter of always reacting to a particular person whom you never see eye to eye with, you can get to work on it immediately.

Mental clutter:

  • Slow down. In order to identify your mental clutter, you must slow down, pay attention and list down all those task or problems whirling in your brain every morning.
  • Ask yourself this key question several times a day: “Do I have other options? Who can I discuss this with?” Whether it is when that ‘someone’ is beginning to push your buttons or whether you are getting furious why work is never-ending, just stop for a moment and try to come up with one or two other positive scenarios that will allow you to handle the situation in a happier manner.
  • Set reminders several times a day to remind yourself to stop and take note of what you are doing when the reminder sounds. Are you snacking?  Checking Facebook again, for the nth time? Having the same dead-end conversation with someone?
  • Take a look at your routines: bedtime, morning, lunch, late afternoon, etc.   What are your habits?  Are they productive?  Destructive?  Time wasters?  How can you make them better?
  • What are you procrastinating? Leaving a dreaded task incomplete or an emotional baggage left hanging somewhere, is a sure road to low energy and low productivity.  Make an important list of the items in your life which you have been putting off, be brave and just attend to them.  You’ll be amazed at your energy level afterwards!

The FuelFit Team wants to remind you to take care of yourself. Take time off to sit down at a window, have a hot beverage, relax and just think of gratitude and appreciation for all the good things in your life.