Kai Profile

Ng Kai Zheng – Fitness Coach


Coach Kai Zheng (aka Kai) believes that Exercise is and always will be cheaper than medicine.

Kai is a graduate from university of London with a Honors in Economics and Management. Instead of finding a day job in the financial industry, he have decided to follow his passion in the world of health and fitness.

He started off working for Certis Cisco as a fitness trainee for about four months and has been a fitness trainer for a year and a half before he was promoted to the ranks of a Senior Fitness Trainer.

He has served in many different training institutions like Safti Military Institute, Safti and the Army Fitness Center, School of Physical Training and has experience working with officers as well as cadets. Hitting the gym 3 times a week is a norm to him and participating in outdoor activities is a rewarding experience to him. Being in fitness and health, he is able to share his knowledge and apply his experience, both soft and hard skills to better support FuelFitters.

Kai is constantly inspired by the people he has met along the way. The best achievement in his books is knowing that someone else live changed for the better because of his training program or advise and that itself is more than enough for him to get up everyday, looking forward to each and every training sessions.


  • Certified SGT KEN Boot Camp Fitness Instructor (a.k.a.“Tactical Fitness Trainer”)
  • Basic Exercise Certification (SSC)
  • Fitness Instructor Certification (SSC)
  • Strength and Conditioning Level 1 (ASCA)
  • Standard First Aid and CPR/AED