Berni Ong – Fitness Coach



Coach Berni’s passion is…Fitness! As a Ninja Warrior wannabe, she loves being fit and strong, and she loves helping people achieve their health and fitness goals!

Her fitness journey started in her early years when her parents brought her for swimming lessons. She loved the feeling of gliding through the water. She vividly remember her first swimming competition after months of training. It was the freestyle “midget race”. She swam with all the speed and strength her little arms and legs could muster, her heart pounding from both the exertion and the excitement, and ended up winning the race! This experience taught her a valuable lesson at a tender age about working hard, challenging herself and constantly looking to improve herself. It also set the foundation of how she approach her fitness endeavours. Some highlights of her fitness journey include representing her junior college in netball and playing rugby union for her university team, club and Singapore.

Today, she continues to work towards creating a better, fitter, stronger version of herself and has started pursuing Obstacle Course Racing and has completed races locally and internationally. She’s now another step closer to being a Ninja Warrior! She inspires people to take on challenges courageously through her guidance and coaching.

Coach Berni has been in the industry of fitness, sports and health for many years. She considers it a privilege to have been exposed to the vast range of experiences and learning, and to have worked alongside many experts in their respective areas through her work at the Singapore Disability Sports Council and Health Promotion Board’s Physical Activity Centre of Excellence.

She stands for living passionately, dedicating herself to mastery, constant learning and growth, and giving of  herself, her time, resources and talent to others.


  • Certified Personal Trainer,  ACSM
  • Pakour Fitness Specialist
  • SGX-Certified Obstacle Trainer
  • Certified SGT KEN Boot Camp Fitness Instructor (a.k.a.“Tactical Fitness Trainer”)
  • Clinical Fitness Professional, Exercise is Medicine Singapore
  • Assessing the Built Environment for Physical Activity Course
  • Certified Standard First Aid/CPR/AED