The FuelFit OCR [Obstacle Course Racing] program is designed for beginner and intermediate competitors who will be running and overcoming various physical challenges in the form of obstacles. Our specialized coaches are all certified Spartan SGX coaches, in addition with our head coach, Berni Ong, who is a certified Spartan Obstacle Specialist (SOS) and was trained in the US with other international Spartan coaches.

( September & October 2016 Workshops are up here!) 
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Fuel Fit Singapore Spartan OCR team


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OCR Pre-Race Workshops


Aspiration : 

To attain technical skills needed for various obstacles, from scaling walls, traversing on various bars to rope climbing.

Summary :

This program suitable for men and women of all physical levels, from beginners to amateurs. (Our current OCR members range from 18 – 45 years old!). It is also suitable for weekend race warriors who need to maintain pick up/ maintain their technical skills to prevent injuries from weekend racing.

All members work out in small dedicated groups and form support for each other for 3 workshops in the weekends. Your workout program includes:

  • Learning the changes of your body and mind throughout the race
  • Specific technical skills training
  • Strength Training
  • Race Diet reviews
  • MyoFascial Coaching
  • Feel free to consult your Obstacle Training certified Coaches on any issues regarding OCR.
  • FuelFit previlege discounts with our esteem clinical physiotherapist support, East Coast Practitioner‘s.
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Upcoming Races:

*Scheduled workshops for the preparation of each of the above races will only take place if there are sufficient attendees.


Running for OCR

(coming soon)
(For EVERYONE of any background and from all walks of life)

Aspiration : 

To build up your cardiovascular foundation and fitness level to compete in different race intensity, from Sprint to Beast distances, at your own flexible time.

Summary :

OCR is close to 80% running and 20% obstacles. Improving your run, will improve your OCR performance. This is an online planning program which is beneficial for

  • Beginners of OCR
  • Weekend warriors
  • Busy individuals who never had time to look into their race preparation
  • OCR racers progressing through the next race distance
  • Average people who just need accountability

Your online program includes :

  • Initial physical fitness assessment and lifestyle understanding with OCR Specialist certified Coaches
  • Receive your personalized online runnning plan for your current fitness level
  • Learn to run effectively and efficiently
  • Having a virtual supportive community going through their training
  • Accountability check-ins and gain inner motivation to persist on
  • Great tool if you are too busy to plan for race preparation.
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