FuelFit Kids’ – Active Kids, Happy Kids

As parents, you always want the best for your children. We often hear common themes and concerns.

“My child doesn’t seem to be growing as much as his peers.”

“I am concerned about my child’s weight.”

“The kids are always falling sick.”

“My son is glued to the screen – TV, mobile phone, tablet, computer and doesn’t move.”

“Our daughter seems to be struggling to focus in school.”

“Our kids are having difficulties coping with stress at school.”

“My daughter finds interacting in group settings challenging.”

There have been numerous findings on the benefits of physical activity on a child in the areas of health and fitness, and cognitive functioning. This expands well into their engagement, motivation, and psychological well-being. *refer to the bottom of the page for some related links.

After numerous requests to start a program for children, we have developed FuelFit Kids!

FuelFit Kids is a fun-filled, games-based program designed for children between 6 to 9 years old who want to be active, healthy and happy.

The program includes:

  • Weekly fun and engaging movement & fitness sessions
  • Movement skills including running, jumping, skipping, hopping, throwing, kicking and much more.
  • Improved cardiovascular, strength, flexibility and balance.
  • Stress relief strategies for during the school term

As your child’s movement skills and proficiency develops, he/she will love to move and continue an active lifestyle through building on their skills and picking up other sports.

The program curriculum is designed by our head coach, Saudi Tan, who used to be a Physical Educator. Saudi has also worked alongside various government agencies including Sport Singapore and Health Promotion Board. She has played a key role in improving and encouraging movement proficiency and weight management for children in pre-schools and Primary schools across Singapore.

This program is offered through the best student-care centres around the island.

Contact us here or call 9691-0204 now to find out more!


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