FuelFit supports Earth Day this April!

Plant-A-Tree Burpee Challenge”!Fit Singapore Earth Day Banner


This April 22nd,the world will be commemorating Earth Day. As FuelFit Singapore has always pride on embracing Mother Nature and the benefits of exercising outdoors, we will love to give back to our natural gym!

What better way to combine fitness and doing our bit for Mother Nature through


What is the Plant-A-Tree Program?


Plant-A-Tree program is an initiative of the Garden City Fund (http://www.gardencityfund.org/pat/) which is part of the Singapore National Parks. Every year, The Plant-A-Tree Program is a platform for organizations and individuals to actively participate in the greening of our City in a Garden by planting trees. Trees are like any other living organism, which will grow old and become weak. Hence, in order to sustain our lush greenery, we need to constantly plant new trees!

How do I participate in the Plant-A-Tree Burpee Challenge?


  1. ACCEPT: Accept the challenge;
  2. RECORD: Take a video of yourself doing 10 burpees outdoors to spread the word of the benefits of exercising amongst the gifts of Mother Nature!
  3. UPLOAD: Upload your video to your Facebook Page, tagging
      • @fuelfit singapore
      • Add and tag your friends who you will love to spread the message to accept the challenge
      • Hashtag #fuelfitsg
      • Copy the below into your post :

    “Let us give back to Mother Nature this Earth Day and join FuelFit’s “Plant-a-Tree Burpee Challenge”. For every video of 10 Burpees only, FuelFit Singapore will donate $1 to Singapore N-Parks Garden City Fund’s Plant-A-Tree program. (tagged friends’ name — your close friends you want to challenge) you are next on the challenge – because Exercising Outdoors is great!”

  4. GIVE: For every video of 10 Burpees (each person can only submit ONCE) , FuelFit Singapore will donate $1 to the Plant-A-Tree Program!


Where does the accumulated donation go to?

All donations made by your Burpees will be culminated to the “Plant-A-Tree” event at Bedok Park on 30th April 2016!

Do I have to be challenged to participate in the “Plant-A-Tree Burpee Challenge”?

Definitely not! You can volunteer to start a new thread of challengers! By volunteering and participating in this Burpee Challenge, you’re already raising awareness of how important it is to sustain our natural environment for everyone and anyone who loves to exercise outdoors!

*Speak to your FuelFit Coach to find out more!