“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person. He believed in me.”- Jim Valvano


Father & Daughter at the beach


Fathers make all the difference in our life. They are our pillars of strength, support, advise or discipline. Our father’s love for us is often expressed, silently in the sacrifices they make, whether in times of crisis or just in the everyday choices of family life. For some of us, due to circumstances, our fathers are playing the role of both a Dad and a Mom. Or our mothers are playing the role of a Mom and a Dad. — we know how hard it can be!

This June for Fathers’ month, FuelFit wants to celebrate the significance of a father’s role (whoever that significant fatherly figure is in your life) for every child and we are encouraging all children to spend healthy bonding time with their fathers through our fun “Play Time with My Dad” challenge.


How to spread the message :

Step 1: Choose 1 of the 3 workouts below  (or any other safe exercises you can think of!) and get your Dad to participate with you! 

  • These are suggested exercises that you can do 10 repetitions of, for your video.
  • If you have other exciting workout that your Dad prefers (e.g. : partner skipping!), you are free to do that too. Be creative!


Father and child doing squats   Stickmen Father and child doing pushups   Father & Child doing burpee


Step 2: RECORD! Grab a camera and take a video of your Dad and you doing the workout together. (You can video your back views if your Dad is shy!)

Step 3: UPLOAD the video and tag @Fuelfit (A drop down list with “Fuelfit Singapore” will appear. Select that.)

Step 4: Post the following onto your timeline:

FuelFit Singapore wishes all fathers a Happy Father’s Day! For the month of June, FuelFit wants to spread the powerful message : “Play Time with my Dad” ! This is to get all children to spend great bonding time with their fathers by exercising together! (tagged friends’ name — your close friends whom you want to challenge) you are next on the challenge! #fuelfitdads 

Step 5: Add and tag fellow friends to accept the challenge. Help to spread this meaningful message and to create great Fathers’ Day memories for more friends!  



Q: How many videos can we upload?

A: Each participant may submit as many entries as he/she likes.


Q: When do we have to upload our video by?

A: Your can upload your videos for the whole month of June.


Child and Dad arm wrestle for fun on grass


*All photography and videography works must be original and unpublished. The participant must also be the original author and sole owner of his/her entries.

*FuelFit Singapore Pte Ltd reserves the right to publish or display all entries, with or without the name of the author, for purposes including but not limited to advertising, publicity and exhibition, without payment of any fees to any party or the need for written consent from any party.