Push-up is probably one of the oldest and most widely known strength exercises on Earth. It is a staple in almost every workout program and that is with good reason. To many, it may look like a simple upper body exercise. However, once you master the correct technique  of a good push up, you’ll realise that it works your entire upper-body which include your chest, shoulders, triceps and also lats, traps and abs to stabilize your pushing muscles, while your lower back, legs and glutes stays engaged to keep your hips from sagging or piking up too high. Basically every muscle in the body has to do its part for a proper push-up to take place.

The best part about the push up is that it can be done anywhere and can be modified in an infinite number of ways to suit any fitness level. And the bonus is that it stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation, allowing you to burn more calories throughout the rest of your workout

Check out some variations of push ups in the video below.