Picture this: she is looking great in a bikini and you are hiding under shorts and t shirt at the beach; or he is running up a hill and she is panting behind. Not a pleasant sight, isn’t it?

Let’s face it, who hasn’t fantasize about that dude or that chick with a yummylicious hot bod? Of course I am not asking you to compare your significant other with the magazine centerfold, but won’t it be great if both of you can have the body and health you want for yourself and for your partner?

Other than the obvious physical benefits, there are other reasons why couples should work out together.


All of us contain natural feel good chemicals commonly known as endorphins, and when these chemicals are released through exercise it makes us feel a sense of euphoria and can greatly influence our outlook on many things. If you and your partner worked on releasing these endorphins collectively, on a regular basis, absolutely everything in your lives will be positively impacted.

Releasing endorphins, dopamine and serotonin through exercise on a regular basis will literally give you a natural high. The release of these natural chemicals helps with masking pain as well as allowing people to overcome depression. You’ll perform better at work and have more energy. And of course, your relationship will also reap the benefits.

Become Each Other’s Coach

Some days you take the lead, other days let your partner lead you.

Working out provides a challenged environment where you are able to push each other’s buttons with the agreed intention that it is for the health benefits of both of you to be each other’s coach.

Give each other positive feedback, track each other’s progress by jointly increasing how hard or long you exercise together so you equally get solid workouts and solid results. This shared responsibility will take your relationship to the next level.

It’s “We”, not “Me”

Working out together will keep you both focused on your results together. Create combined goals that cannot be completed with the other person’s involvement – when one of you fails, both of you fails. This strategy keeps you focused and accountable to your exercise routine because at the end of the day, at the end of your lives together… it’s all about the life and body longevity of the ‘we’ and no longer the ‘me.’

Indulge in Rocky Road Ice Cream in Bed Together

Having an unfit partner that rather drink beer and eat pizza all the time can sometimes sabotage your goals to lose or maintain your waist line.

Wouldn’t it be great to eat grilled chicken and steamed broccoli together and then eat the pizza with him/her because you both deserve it?

When you work hard together, you can work on playing hard together, even if it means enjoying that tub of ice cream in bed. Offer rewards and promise each other a treat when you reach your goals, and make it special.  Rewarding each other for reaching short-term goals can lead to long-term success.

Bottom Line

Your choice to lead a healthy lifestyle will result in a much better sex life. If that’s not encouragement to be active, I don’t know what is! Turn on the lights, make it a reality, and get both you and your significant other in shape. Make a commitment with your partner today to stay fit and healthy in unison.