At FuelFit, we believe that You can never be too busy to be fit!

FuelFit Corporate Solutions customizes and delivers highly interactive, fun and impactful fitness and exercise programmes that infuses health and wellness into your workplace. We work closely with you to identify the health needs of your workforce, establish goals and create customized programmes that meets the health and wellbeing objectives of your employees. You can choose from our following options:

Weekly Bootcamps/ Customized Workouts & Exercise

One cycle of our weekly bootcamps features 12 fun and progressive workouts (once or twice per week) to help educate your team on weight management and mindful eating. To start your own group, simply gather 6 or more of your colleagues! Introducing a culture of health and fitness in your workplace is that easy!

                   Corporate Teams Working Out Changi Business Park Working Out


Team Building Fitness Missions

FuelFit’s Team Building Fitness Missions integrates boot camp exercises into exciting challenges that foster teamwork and effective communication in a healthy and fun way! We are also able to customize Team Building workouts by incorporating your company’s CSR values under our “Fitness for Good” programme.

                    HPB Singapore Women working out HPB Singapore Men Working out


“7 Challenge — Transform Your Health”

Similar to having the basic 7 Habits in our lives, our “7 Challenge” programme is based on the concept of introducing sustainable lifestyle changes and fun workouts to support our FuelFitters to feel better, look better and find new vitality in themselves in just 3 months* !
Throughout the 3 months, FuelFit will

  • Motivate FuelFitters through fun and effective workouts.
  • Introduce healthy eating habits.
  • Systematically track the progress our FuelFitters.
  • Provide a comprehensive progress report of all participants.

*Results vary with indivudual

With the strong support from the government to create a healthy and happy workplace, you can utilize the Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) Grant sponsored by the Health Promotion Board to subscribe to any of our programmes.

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What Sets Us Apart

Your life today is essentially the sum of your habits. At FuelFit, we:
• Empower you with basic habits that lead to sustainable results.
• Instill the practice of making mindful choices.
• Design a fun and interactive journey for your team to get leaner and stronger together.
• Incorporate cardiovascular, strength, balance, flexibility and HIIT elements into a holistic programme.

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