As a child, years before “Sasuke” and “Ninja Warrior” existed, one of my favourite shows on television was “American Gladiators”. At home, I would do vertical wall climbs in my Grandma’s kitchen to grab a pack of instant noodles in a basket hung on a bamboo pole that I would eat as a snack and run up 19 flights of stairs to her flat on my way home from school. In school, I would spend recess time in the playground climbing ropes, doing flips on the inclined chin-up bars and battling my friends on the balance beams and monkey bars.

The Thrills of My Life

NinjaWarrior 01Ninja Warrior


Perhaps, my first Spartan Race re-awakened my “inner gladiator” (or “inner monkey”) and sparked a renewed passion to journey on a path of discovering the wonders of the human body, as well as mastering the ways it can move and navigate through our surroundings.

A break from the usual Obstacle Races, the “RED-X Games” (which I participated earlier in August), adopted a format that had similarities to that of CrossFit Games, but with simpler challenges to encourage more people to put themselves to the test. It was a superb feeling for me to be able to participate alongside 19 FuelFitters — some were more experienced OCR participants, others were less experienced or trying out the first time!

Fuel Fit Singapore Red X Games OCR Workshop 03

FuelFit Team Orange

Fuel Fit Singapore Red X Games OCR Workshop 01

FuelFit Team Green

These FuelFitters inspired me with their immense courage as they took on each challenge with grit and tenacity. such as the individuals below:


Nitya Shiju, Young Mother and Homemaker

Fuel Fit Singapore OCR Beginners Race Training (17)

Nitya, who initially joined FuelFit Bishan to shed some post pregnancy weight, has only been with the group for a short time. Despite being a busy mother, she took the ownership of taking care of herself to ensure she does not neglect her health and fitness. Although she was not as fit as her other peers from the Bishan team at first, Nitya would always do her best to complete every session’s workout and improved progressively.

Fuel Fit Singapore OCR Training Workshop Women Beginner Red X (1)

What inspired me greatly was, despite participating in her first strength-focused race, Nitya wasn’t bothered whether she was inexperienced or whether the challenges were to difficult. All she wanted was to get out there and give her best and have fun…and have fun, she did!


Liang Yanjie, Young Father and Industrial Designer

Fuel Fit Singapore OCR Beginners Race Training (21)

Yanjie, an industrial designer and father, is FuelFit’s most veteran member when he joined FuelFit 4 years ago, with zero exercise background. Starting from a simple goal of losing weight for his wedding then, Yanjie has shed a significant number of inches off his body and is consistently amongst the fittest members of the FuelFit family. O

From knowing nothing about OCR to participating his first Spartan race, Yanjie committed to improving himself and attended every OCR workshop in the mornings before work still worked out with the same high intensity at the regular sessions. Yanjie’s commitment and dedication to staying fit and healthy, at the same time managing work and family inspired many around him that we can never be too busy to be fit!

Fuel Fit Singapore OCR Training Workshop Men Beginner Red X Games (Yanjie 01)

Fuel Fit Singapore OCR Training Workshop Race Team 01

Regardless of what the motivations and objectives each FuelFitter might have started with, being able to witness their growth and progress both mentally and physically is simply rewarding! The important thing about the journey through fitness is not just about getting fitter or losing weight but how it has made us more Resilient when facing obstacles, pushing limits and seeing great possibilities in life!

Fuel Fit Singapore OCR Training Workshop Race Team 05


Coach Berni Ong is both a Spartan SGX Coach and a Spartan Obstacle Specialist and have raced both in South East Asia and in the USA. She has trained hundreds of men and women ranging from beginners of OCR to individuals who are perfecting their skillset. Coach Berni heads the FuelFit OCR department and conducts OCR workshops, personalized online training plans and weekly group training for both functional fitness and OCR enthusiasts. 

Fuel Fit Singapore OCR Training Workshop Race Berni Ong Spartan Specialist

Coach Berni (winner of Women 30-35 yr old category) with RedX Chief Organizer Stefan