Chintal Gandhi – Fitness Coach


Coach Chintal was an Ex-Airline Professional (Masters in Travel and Tourism) with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Besides playing the role of an active mother of two kids now, she is also a Fitness coach with a passion to inspire and empower busy women to eat better, feel better and stay in shape.

Since 2012, she trained with the FuelFit team, starting off with a goal to lose weight. As she embarked on this personal transformation journey, she began to understand that being fit is not just about looking better but feeling strong, confident and energetic. She believes it’s not so much the numbers on the scale, but about eating proper meals and working out regularly to be fit and healthy.

Having gone through similar experiences, she can identify with the struggles and challenges that many busy individuals face when they are desperate to shed excess body fat and get in shape. Thus, she decided to take my passion for fitness training to another level by coaching and inspiring others to achieve their goals, progressively.

Getting fit and feeling good should be an enjoyable process. Being fit requires a lot of discipline, determination and consistent effort in your workout regime. There are no short-cuts, special formulas or magic diets. She is here to help motivate women to find their confidence in all aspects of their life.

Her mantra for a healthy life is “Eat Clean, Exercise Mean, Stay Lean!


Certifications/Achievements :

  • American college of Sports and Medicine (ACSM) – Certified Personal Trainer
  • Start fitness (a.k.a Sgt Ken approved) – Certified Senior Bootcamp Instructor Level 1 & 2 (Tactical Fitness Leader)
  • ACE integrated Fitness training (ACE IFT) – Model for Exercise Program Design.
  • American Council on Exercise (ACE) – Certification in Sports Nutrition ( In Progress)
  • National Association of Sports Medicine ( NASM) – Certified Pre & Post-Natal Women’s Fitness Specialist (Oct 2016)

Completion of Courses/Workshops :

  • Modern Post Natal Assessment and Core-Reprogramming + Functional Training
  • BARE® Master Class.
    Awesome BARE® YOUR SOLE:
    Barefoot interactive workshop by Dr Emily Splichal, Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist and Founder of Evidence Based Fitness Fitness Academy (EBFA).
  • Advance Fitness Trainer course in Applied Kinesiology & Exercise Bio mechanics.
  • Attended Asia Fitness Conference (From good to great through Balance and Integration) in 2015 & 2016.
  • A workshop in Scientific Principles of applied resistance training & Fitness Program design.  By Mr. Gei-Nam  Lim.