Ready to get stronger and leaner even though you are really busy?

All it takes is a set of resistance bands and our supercharged workouts that can be done in under 1 hour a week, all in the comfort of your home!

Hi, we are Saudi and Berni

and we are the creators of the S.W.A.G Protocol. We want to welcome you to the S.W.A.G Tribe and an optimized way to get stronger and leaner.

Through our years of training over hundreds of clients internationally, we noticed that our busiest clients often struggle to travel to the training venue in time and commit to fixed schedule sessions. So we started creating fast, efficient workouts that they can do at home.

With these workouts, we witnessed our clients' frustrations on missing workouts fade away as they were able to train consistently. But more importantly, individuals who were demoralised by temporary, fluctuating results were able to achieve sustainable progress, giving them a sense of empowerment, strength and confidence that this time, they are in control!

We designed the S.W.A.G. Protocol to share this with as many women as possible - especially women who don't want to go to the gym, whether that's because they don't know what exercises to do and what to eat, or like some of our busy clients, it takes up too much time.

So who is this for? They are for regular women who don't want to spend -3 hours a day exercising, who struggled in the past to train consistently and see sustainable increases in strength and muscle tone before discovering the S.W.A.G. Protocol.

Does that sound like you? Awesome.



will be available to you every step of the way. Whether it's the how-tos for exercises, or lifestyle habits, you will access to our coaches. You will have an opportunity to post any burning questions and at the end of each week, we wrap up with sharing reflections and victories. These are completely optional so there’s no obligation to share if you prefer not to.


designed to challenge your muscles and get you stronger, at home, with just a set of resistance bands. Each week you get 2 to 3 supercharged workouts and 1 mobility workout. Workouts and mobility exercises will come to you in follow-along videos, showing you exactly what to do.


via Telegram so that you don’t need to bear the mental load of figuring out what exactly you need to do for the day. Once you are done, you can check it off so that we know where you are. All you need is any internet-connected smartphone, tablet or computer and you’ll have access right at your fingertips.

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100% Satisfied Customers

"I feel stronger from following SWAG. I love that it can be done at home with minimal equipment required. Also it is so efficient that it hardly takes time away from my work and family"

Auditor & Mother of 3

"As a person who enjoys snacking, the SWAG challenge has got me to be more mindful of what I'm eating. It also allowed me to do strengthening exercises at home when I can't go to the gym."

Digital Specialist

"The challenge creates a level of consistency in building my exercise habit. Short exercises clips are easy to follow and takes little time!"


"As a professional with erratic work schedule, SWAG has helped achieve my goal of putting in some time for exercising every week. And I've also noticed a visible difference in my body shape"

Real Estate Agent


S.W.A.G. Portable Strength System

This is all the equipment you will need for the whole program.
On top of that, we will guide you through how to use it safely and effectively.

S.W.A.G Busy Women’s Vitality Resource Guide

This guide provides a simple, practical approach to supercharge your vitality using simple lifestyle and nutrition habits. Live your life in a way that boosts your results without counting calories, cutting out food, or skipping social events and meals with family and friends.

S.W.A.G Protocol Activity Log

In one easy-to-read layout, you’ll see exactly when each workout is, as well as how to track your progress…without stepping on the scale or measuring multiple body parts everyday.

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