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FuelFit Singapore started out solely as a bootcamp and is the brain child of Saudi Tan. Saudi is passionate about health and fitness, and this is clear to anyone who meets her. Her enthusiasm is infectious!

Saudi saw a need for a new approach to fitness, exercise and managing weight loss in Singapore, to get people out of the gym, and into the fresh air for a workout. She also saw the need to make quality fitness exercises and weight loss programs convenient and accessible.

Saudi comments, “Exercising and having fitness training outside with a team is the fast growing workout trend in Singapore. I have spent a lot of my life in gyms, but realized that many people are intimidated by the equipment, loud music, excessive grunting and confined space that many gyms provide and liked the freedom of the outdoors. We found people needed a comfortable and supportive environment where every workout was still challenging, but did not intimidate them.

We have had a phenomenal response since starting FuelFit and have seen people from all walks of life, and levels of fitness, experience dramatic weight management and mental wellness results, because our approach is fun and the exercises enthuses them.”


What you can expect from FuelFit?


All FuelFit coaches are knowledgeable, keenly aware of yours and others limits, and will motivate you to put in the effort that will get the results. What more, we make sure you have fun while working towards your goals! You can find out more about our coaches here.

A FuelFit session is unlike any other fitness class. It is not a short-term fitness ‘fix’. FuelFit is sustainable, and we hope, a permanent solution to your fitness requirements.

A FuelFit workout will be challenging and it’ll also be fun, and packed with positive energy leaving you feeling exhausted but elated and enthused to come back again.

We are also committed to your growth and that’s why we have 2 very unique features just for you:


FFRank – Our one-of-its-kind fitness benchmark assessment to track your performance. Click here to find out more.

the SE7EN Challenge


The Se7en Challenge – Our very successful Body Weight & Wellness Transformation program. Click here to find out more.